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Stephen R. Halsey, PhD

 I am a tenured professor of modern Chinese history but also consult about economic, environmental, and foreign policy issues in East Asia with a range of businesses, NGOs, and government agencies. 

Department of History, University of Miami, FL


China’s history in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries has often been framed as a long coda of imperial decline, played out during its last dynasty, the Qing. Quest for Power presents a sweeping reappraisal of this narrative.  This book traces the origins of China’s great-power status in the latter half of the twentieth century to this era of supposed decadence and decay.

Lectures, Interviews,
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Listen to Prof. Halsey's discuss his current academic research, hear his thoughts on economic and political affairs in East Asia, or enjoying listening to a sample course lecture.

& Articles

Explore  Prof. Halsey's public-facing work, academic scholarship, and commentary on current affairs.


I offer a range of courses to undergraduates, PhD students, business professionals, policy-makers, and adult learners in English, Chinese, and German.  These classes examine the histories of China, East Asia, Central Asia, the environment, comparative colonialism, and business, development, and political economy in a global context.  I also introduce young scholars to the discipline through courses in Historiography and field preparation in comparative imperialism and modern China.     

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I consult with a range of government agencies, businesses, and NGOS about East Asian affairs.  Commissioned studies have examined subjects such as fiscal crises in China, supply chain security in China, energy security in the Middle East and Indian Ocean basin, and Chinese environmental policy.  I also offer corporate training on business practices in China, Japan, and Korea.   Please contact me for further information. 

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University of Miami

1252 Memorial Drive

Coral Gables, FL 33146

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